risk disclosure

Client Assumes Investment Risk; Investment Decisions, Account Executives; Related Matters.
Chicago Precious Metals Exchange is a seller and purchaser of Precious Metals. Although CPME is prepared to compare and contrast different Precious Metals available for purchase from it or that it may be willing to purchase, Client acknowledges and agrees that Client assumes the risk of all investment decisions regarding all Precious Metals it purchased from CPME and CPME makes no guarantee or representation regarding Client’s ability to profit from any purchase or any representation regarding any tax implications of any purchase and the decision to purchase or sell Precious Metals, and which Precious Metals to purchase or sell, are the Client’s decision alone. Client acknowledges that any assistance CPME may offer or provide to Client does not create a fiduciary relationship between Client and CPME.

Any purchases of Precious Metals by Client from CPME are made subject to Client’s own prudence, judgment and ultimate decision. CPME does not provide tax, investment, or legal advice or advisory services, and no one associated with CPME is authorized to provide any such advice or services. Any written or oral statements by CPME, its officers, agents, account executives, or other representatives relating to future events or the attributes of certain Precious Metals are opinions only. Such statements, if any, are not representations of fact. Further, CPME’s account executives are independent contractor salespersons, which are not licensed and their knowledge of Precious Metals and the Precious Metals marketplace may vary significantly, and such executives’ earnings are based on the amount of accounts they may generate.

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