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By Joseph Cardillo

This exciting and enlightening advisor finds the philosophy in the back of the martial arts recommendations that result in an inventive and fulfilled existence.

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Pincer movement If more than one assailant is involved it is usual for one of the attackers to deploy the victim with a distracting question whilst the 34 Awareness - the power base other/s move to your off side, whilst the victim is distracted by the questioner, his accomplice/s attack. Tell-tale signs Awareness allows you to spot the tell-tale signs that the mugger emits in his selection stage. Close observation will highlight the assailant’s suspicious actions, he will stand out like a sore thumb.

Case histories A stalking of the chosen victim, for priming, and awareness assessment, will occur. If necessary the victim will be followed in the hope that he/she will heighten vulnerability mentally/ environmentally by walking into a park/down a quiet street/entry etc. If the victim is followed from a shopping mall the attacker often waits for him/her to put the shopping in the boot of the car or even strike as he/she enters the car. It is at such times that even vigilant people drop their guard, and though it may only be for a second that is all the attacker needs.

If, in your game plan, you have already accepted that there will be consequences then they can no longer be used against you. A good example of this was the time I took out the leader of an infamous gang in Coventry - I put him in hospital for a week. I heard later through the grapevine that his gang had planned a revenge attack on me for the following weekend. They were going to visit my house and do the dirty deed in front of my family. I thought the idea was pretty bad form and spread the rumour very quickly that I had acquired the addresses of three gang leaders and that, after they had been to ‘visit’ me, I would visit all three addresses and destroy them in front of their families and that I’d make a point of visiting whilst they were having tea with their mum, ‘so’ I told them ‘I’m ready whenever you are’.

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