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By Josquin des Pres

The aim of this e-book is to supply the aspiring bass participant with a wide selection of finger workouts for constructing the concepts essential to reach brand new song scene. it might probably additionally play an incredible position in a bass player's day-by-day working towards software. The two hundred workouts are designed to aid raise your velocity, enhance your dexterity, enhance accuracy and advertise finger independence. advised via world-acclaimed bass avid gamers, song faculties and track magazines, this is often the final word bass guide. The extra use of images makes the teachings entire!

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Play this pattern – and every pattern – slowly at first. Then gradually increase your speed. As you play the pattern over and over, concentrate on the flow of energy moving through your body. The sooner this sequence (foot-hand-hand, foot-hand-hand) gets into your muscle memory, the easier it will be for you to build variations on it: When you do the basic dance in six, the pulse is in your feet. The pulse is the underlying metronomic rhythm people feel in their bodies when music is played. When you tap your foot to music, chances are you’re tapping along with the pulse.

This is called changing the voicing of a note or a pattern. In the next pattern, you’ll change the voicing of the pattern you just played by playing the hand-strokes on the hi-hat instead of the snare. Notice that in the next chart each note on 3 in your left hand is played on the open hi-hat and is followed by a stroke on 4 in your left foot that closes the hi-hat. These two strokes together create a distinctive “sssshhhhup” sound. To produce this sound, you need to lift your left foot to open the hi-hat just before you make the hand-stroke on 3.

First, you won’t be able to play the pattern even with conscious effort. Then you’ll be able to play the pattern, but only with conscious effort. Finally, you’ll be able to play the pattern without conscious effort. Often you’ll discover by accident that you’ve reached the third stage when you look down to find your hands and feet performing a complicated pattern without you. At this point, the instructions for how to play the pattern have been transferred from your conscious mind to your body.

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