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By Erle Montaigue

Heavily on the topic of taijiquan, baguazhang is likely one of the 3 nice inner arts and, like its opposite numbers, can be utilized to kill in addition to to heal. Hidden inside of it's a sequence of brutal, relentless moves utilized fast and mercilessly to the very lethal dim-mak issues of the physique. during this e-book, Erle Montaigue first introduces the unique round shape, whole with pictures of every posture and its sensible software. subsequent he offers the linear or struggling with shape to educate the secrets and techniques of extracting an unending array of wrestle purposes from this advanced artwork. when you enjoy the twin therapeutic and martial traits of dim-mak and different inner arts, this ebook may be a useful addition on your education library. for educational research in basic terms.

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Now I turn my waist around to attack further with my right palm. PHOTO NO. 269. L I N K I N G M OV E M E N T: With the left foot behind and facing to the N. I take a step to the rear with my right foot so that my right foot is back and take my left palm under my right to slip block and grab downward. PHOTO NO. 270. I then repeat this on the opposite side by taking a left step backwards and taking my right palm under my left. T U R N I N G T H E B O DY A N D P U S H I N G T H E PA L M S O F T H E D I S C I P L E S O F BU D DA : Still facing the N.

PHOTO NO. 244. Spin on your right heel counter C/W and block his re-attack with your left forearm. PHOTO NO. 245. A154. He might leap back and strike with an over head strike which you block upward with your left elbow as you step behind with your right foot. PHOTO NO. 246. A155. You Page 41 FIGHTING FORM now kick him into his mid section with your left back kick. PHOTO NO. 247. If he jumps back to avoid the kick, follow with another cross leg, PHOTO NO. 248 and step with your left foot to behind his right leg and opening your arms knock him over your left leg.

287. A182. He might block this and attack me with his left palm so I spin on my left heel clockwise to the S. and block his left palm with my left palm and step down to attack his eyes with right snake palm. PHOTO NO. 288. A183. He might block this if he's still alive and o I take a step in with my left foot to the S. and take over his left palm again with my left palm to attack his chest with single pounding palm. Page 53 FIGHTING FORM PHOTO NO. 289. A184. S NA K E PA L M S : ( O p p o s i t e ) Swivel around in a C/W direction and again block downward with the left palm as before only in reverse.

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