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A accomplished and enjoyable consultant to Backgammon!Backgammon is without doubt one of the oldest video games on the planet, the origins of which date again a few 5000 years – and it really is nonetheless going robust. It loved a big resurgence within the Seventies, after which back within the Nineteen Nineties with the recognition of the net, the place thousands of individuals play tournaments on-line each day.Today, backgammon's following within the united kingdom is very large, with a devoted British Isles Backgammon organization, and enormous quantities of face-to-face tournaments happening around the united kingdom each year.In this publication, backgammon specialist Chris Bray walks you thru the fundamentals of developing a board, commencing recommendations, heart and end-game strategies, and tips about whilst to make key strikes. you are going to additionally become familiar with uncomplicated percentages, the doubling dice and the 25% rule. And so that it will take your gaming additional, there is lots of suggestion to get you all started in match backgammon, in addition to enjoying online.Suitable for either novices and skilled participant searching for extra tips and strategies, Backgammon For Dummies comprises insurance on:Starting and enjoying the GameHandling the center GameBearing Off (The final Lap)Varying the PlayAbout the writer

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White can then escape and move her back men. qxp 9/9/08 8:45 PM Page 45 Chapter 3: Looking at Basic Backgammon Tactics 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 12 11 10 9 6 8 7 5 4 3 2 45 1 Figure 3-7: The perfect prime. Black has a winning position as he can probably bear his checkers off long before White can get her two back checkers out, move them around the board, and bear off all her checkers. But, although you may think that White is completely lost here, in Chapter 10 I show how she can win despite having an apparently losing position.

He has a perfect home board and White won’t be able to enter from the bar for some time. By the time Black opens up a point to enable White to get in, Black can have many of his checkers safely borne off and be well ahead in the race. Making a point or making a hit You often have to choose among several good things to do with your roll. Sometimes, your choice is between hitting and making a new point. Figure 3-9 shows an example from the second move of a game.

If a player is on the bar and fails to re-enter, this is shown by ‘0’ or the word ‘fan’. Occasionally, a player can’t make any legal play. In this instance, the dice roll is followed by the words ‘no play’. If a move includes hitting one of your opponent’s checkers, an asterisk (*) is added at the end. For example, if you move a checker from your 13-point to your 8-point and in doing so hit an opponent’s checker, the notation is 13/8*. ) At the end of the game when you bear off a checker, you record the point number and the word off, so taking a checker off your 5-point is shown as 5/off.

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