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By Koral Ward

Augenblick, which means actually 'In the blink of an eye', describes a 'decisive second' in time that's either fleeting but momentously eventful, even epoch-makingly major. during this publication Koral Ward investigates the improvement of the idea that into one of many center rules in Western existential philosophy along such recommendations as nervousness and person freedom. Ward examines the complete quantity of the assumption of the 'decisive moment', within which an individual's whole life-project is open to an intensive reorientation. From its inception in Kierkegaard's works to the writings of Jaspers and Heidegger, she attracts on an unlimited array of resources past simply the traditional figures of nineteenth and twentieth century Continental philosophy, discovering principles and examples in images, cinema, tune, paintings, and the fashionable novel.

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With this he indicates that the ‘author’ is an observer of his surrounding community, something even of a spy who, in imitating the psychological state in those he sees around him, can present himself as one who shares this state and can thereby offer ‘relief and satisfaction’7 to the individual. Thus the individual reader to whom Kierkegaard addresses himself might be persuaded that as their state is shared it is therefore understood. 8 Despite the appearance of inactivity he gave, Kierkegaard advocates action rather than being merely a spectator.

It is not possible to find an ‘over-arching’ idea which offers a synthesis of his endeavours, each concept is rich in itself and intricately related to other concepts. It is, however, tempting when writing about one’s favourite Kierkegaardian idea to place it in importance at the centre of his oeuvre. For this writer, the moment seems especially central, and as it addresses the idea of contemporary existence and the concerns of contemporary human being, remains pertinent today. When reading Kierkegaard’s works one needs to bear in mind the position of each of their pseudonymous authors, some of whose opinions are contradictory.

I adopted Kierkegaard’s apologia from his preface to Philosophical Fragments: There you have my project. But I think I hear someone say: ‘This is the most ridiculous of all projects; or, rather, you are of all projectors of hypotheses the most ridiculous. You behave like a lazzarone who takes money for exhibiting premises open to everybody’s inspection; you are like the man who collected a fee for exhibiting a ram in the market place in the afternoon, which in the forenoon could be seen, gratis, grazing in the open field.

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