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Position the elbow and lock the opponent’s joints (Form K). Strip the opponent’s grip and strike (Form L). Form K Form L Wrist-Lock 11 You have seized the opponent’s wrist and elbow (Figure 40). Bend the opponent’s wrist and elbow as you move to the side (Figure 41). Place your bicep on the back of the opponent’s upper arm and then place your free hand on the back of the opponent’s hand. Pull inwards with both hands to lock the opponent’s wrist joint (Figure 42). Figure 40 51 Arm-Locks for All Styles Figure 42 Figure 41 52 Chapter 5 Straight Arm-Locks I n this chapter we will look at locks that attack the arms when they are straight.

It is vital that the opponent is successfully controlled or they will move away from the technique and all leverage will be lost. The techniques that make impact with the joint rely on the opponent’s inertia. The aim is to cause the joint to move faster than the opponent’s body so that the joint becomes hyperextended. This means that you will need to be sensitive to the opponent’s motion in order to apply the techniques correctly. If the opponent was already moving in the direction of your technique, some or all of the effect will be lost.

Reach up with your free hand and pin the opponent’s seizing hand. If you do not pin the opponent’s hand, the following rolling motion can still be used in order to release you from the opponent’s grip. Having pinned the opponent’s hand, rotate your elbow over the top of their forearm (Figure 9). Keep your hands close to you and drop your bodyweight in order to lock the opponent’s wrist and cause their legs to bend (Figure 10). Secure a grip on the opponent and deliver a hammer-fist strike to their face (Figure 11).

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