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The space between the feet and below the hem of the chiton has been roughly hollowed out with a small 17Payne, pl. 117, 1; Schrader, pp. 111-112, no. 61, pls. , life-sized or only a little under. 03 m. 07 m. in thickness on the surviving fragment). The underside of the plinth as now preserved, very roughly picked, slopes so that when the piece rests flat on it the ankle and the drapery-wall lean outward to the figure's left at a considerable angle to the vertical. The front part of the foot was made separately and attached.

From instep to start of toes. Islandmarble,prob- 82. Fragmentof BeardedMaleHead, Last Quarterof P1. 9. ably Parian, white with fairly coarse grain. C. battered, but ancient weatheringseems to have been S 1997. Found in 1957 in an early 5th century pit light. Tracesof mortarand brownishpatina. on the north slope of the Areopagus(Q 20: 1). H. , W. 09 m. beardedchin. 035 m. highand wears with traces of white mica. 01 m. thick. The sole appearsbe- of chin chipped away. Mouth battered. Green and low the little toe, but was not carved separatelybe- brown stains, which have soaked into worked and low the inside of the foot, perhaps not below the brokensurfacesalike.

The coarsemarbleof our piece also recalls that of the "Naxian" kore, but in ours the grainsare not quite so large. 73. Head of Kore, ca. C. Pls. 5-6. S 1071. Found in 1938 in a late Roman deposit (4th centuryafter Christ)in the shaft of a brick-lined water system south of the Eleusinion(U 22: 1). Face and properright side of head. Broken off at neck; 72. NeckandHairof Kore(2), 1st Half of 6th Century back and part of left side split off. C. 6. and left eye and eyebrow battered. Island marble, white with medium coarse grain.

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