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In this provocative paintings, professional journalist Gershom Gorenberg portrays a dangerous mixture of non secular extremism, violence, and Mideast politics, as expressed within the fight for the sacred middle of Jerusalem. identified to Jews and Christians because the Temple Mount and to Muslims because the Noble Sanctuary, this thirty-five-acre enclosure on the southeast nook of Jerusalem's previous urban is the main contested piece of actual property on the earth. right here nationalism combines with fundamentalist religion in a risky brew. participants of the world's 3 significant monotheistic faiths--Judaism, Christianity, and Islam--hold this spot to be the major to salvation as they watch for the top of the area, and fight to satisfy conflicting spiritual prophecies with harmful political outcomes. Adroitly portraying American radio evangelists of the tip, radical Palestinian sheikhs, and Israeli ex-terrorists, Gorenberg explains why believers desire for the top, and why renowned American fundamentalists supply hard-line aid for Israel whereas awaiting the apocalypse. He is smart of the messianic fervor that has pushed a few Israeli settlers to oppose peace. And he describes the Islamic apocalyptic visions that solid Israel's activities in Jerusalem as diabolic plots. the top of Days indicates how clash over Jerusalem and the fiery trust in apocalypse proceed to have a effective impression on global politics and why a long-lasting peace within the heart East maintains to end up elusive.

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Contra W. Björkman, “Turban,” EI 1, IV, 889, cf. al-Bukh§rÊ, ‘aÈÊÈ, Kit§b Fa·§"il al-‘aȧba, b§b 8, no. 1. 32 The ãaylas§n was a shawl-like headcloth which, though worn by Muslims, was considered a typically KhaybarÊ Jewish garment. Anas b. ”33 It could be that the ãaylas§n was identical with the Jewish ãallÊth, the four-cornered shawl with “show fringe” (Hebrew ßißÊth) on each corner in accordance with the biblical injunction of Numbers 15:37-39ff. Jews in the Eastern Mediterranean world in the centuries just preceding Islam wore a variety of such shawls (Talmudic Aramaic appiliyÙn and isãÙla) which were without the ritual fringes no different from their Roman counterparts, the pallium and the stola.

But these have their own problematics of interpretation. Not a few ethnographic photographs of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries (and some later ones) are staged images, catering to European romantic notions and taste for exotica. Young women and sometimes young men—according to the proclivities of the photographer—are occasionally posed with clothing that reveals parts of the body which would never be exposed in real life. Women are sometimes shown in scenes of daily life absolutely laden with jewelry in quantities that might not even have been worn on festive occasions.

In the historical chapters dates and centuries are generally given first according to the Gregorian reckoning and followed after a slash (/) with the Hijra equivalent. introduction 1 INTRODUCTION Clothing constitutes a cultural statement. It is a manifestation of culture, no less than art, architecture, literature, and music. Like all cultural phenomena, it communicates a great deal of information both on the physical and symbolic level about the society in which it is found. Fashions, or modes of dress, reflect not only the aesthetics of a particular society (what might be called the “adornment factor”), but also its social mores and values (the “modesty/immodesty factor,” or “reveal/conceal factor”).

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