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UN (1973). " United Nations, New York. UN (1974). , Provisional Agenda, Item 8, p. 30. United Nations, Rome. NEW PROTEIN FOODS, VOL. 3 III T h e Evolution of A n i m a l Protein i n the H u m a n Diet MAGNUS PYKE I. Some Factors Influencing Selection of Animals for Meat A. The Domestication of Meat Animals B. Contribution of Game Animals C. Taboos II. The Effect of Modern Technology A. Muscle Physiology and Meat Quality B. Supplies of Animal Protein C. Scavenging D. Unexpected Implications E. Refrigeration III.

0% in 1973, high-yielding variety yields actually declined from 2384 to 1448 kg per hectare. Traditional variety yields remained stable during this period. Rice yields also declined; high-yielding varieties fell from 2147 kg per hectare to 1718 while yields from traditional varieties remained stable (Table IV). The significant fact in this tabulation may lie in the differences between yields from high-yielding and traditional varieties. In both wheat and rice, the margin in favor of the high-yielding varieties has declined.

Pigs were apparently common in Egypt in the Third Dynasty in 2500 B . C . ; a figure of one was observed in the Tell Agra site (2700-2500 B . c . ) in Sumeria. Yet while pigs, with all the complex dogma influencing their consumption, as is described below, increased in importance as an article of diet and were subjected to the potent influence of the animal geneticists so that the tough and self-reliant scavenger was converted into the "improved" rapidly growing bacon pig to be fed on carefully selected mixtures of ingredients, including milk, fish meal, and a selection of cereal foods, all of which were themselves suitable for human diets; while all this was happening, dogs followed a contrasting path through the curious jungle of evolution from which the present-day human diet emerged.

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