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By Geoff Thompson

This publication explodes the myths approximately what does and what doesn't paintings in martial arts on today's risky streets. Geoff educates a reader in all features of 'pressure testing' the martial arts, making sure that approach and personality healthy whilst it particularly concerns.

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5) Fart-legging The same as with running only with fart-legging you should run 100 yds and then sprint 100 yds with no rest in between. 6) Staggered press-ups 60 Animal Day Make a press-up position, as per illustration, make sure that your back is straight. Lower your body down until your chest is just touching, but not resting on the floor. Hold for the count of five seconds and then push back up to the start position. Repeat the process for as many reps as you can before your arms give way. 7) Star jump-burpees From a standing position, jump high in the air and spread your arms and legs like a star, as you land go into a crouch position and shoot your legs out backwards so that you are in a press up position then shoot them back to the crouch position and stand back up, as per illustration.

As with boredom this is usually another excuse to cover fear. Don’t fall for it. Lack of Improvement/success Another favourite excuse for throwing in the towel is, I don’t seem to be getting any better. This is one of the mind’s best finishers and kills off many students with the suddenness of cyanide tea, after all, what is the point of continuing in training if you’re not getting any better? If I may use a metaphor, it is a propelling spiral that picks up momentum very quickly, and just as it seems to be reaching its pinnacle of speed, it starts, or at least it would appear to be, going backwards.

I’m not out of my depth and I can cope, in fact I’ll cope easily. Inner opponent Your counter You’ll fail and everyone will laugh. If that’s the worse that can happen, I can handle it. 34 Animal Day 3) Repetitive Mantra Just keep repeating to yourself: ‘I can handle it, I can handle it, I can handle it’. This allows no room for negative thoughts to infiltrate your mind. By controlling your thoughts you will erase the negativity. You have to learn not to take any crap from the inner opponent and fight, tooth and nail, every time that he rears his ugly head.

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