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Ami yarn vegetation. Crocheted components КНИГИ ; ХОББИ и РЕМЕСЛА Автор: коллектив издательства Название: Ami yarn crops. Crocheted components Серия: pick out BOOKS Издательство: Housewife buddy CompanyГод: 2008 Формат: DjVu (RAR+3%) Размер: 7,58 МбКнига посвящена вязанию крючком цветов и листьев, которые могут быть как отдельными украшениями, так и элементами декора одежды - той изюминкой, которая придаст неповторимое очарование вашим любимым вещам. СКАЧАТЬ: RapidshareDepositfiles eighty five

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General distribution: East. ; Mid. Asia. Note. In our opinion, the Chinese botanists studied a specimen which belongs to different, perhaps new, species. The absence of data, however, does not permit in reaching any definite conclusion. The Chinese material should also be compared with specimens of C. popovii R. Kam. et Yakovl. described from Ladakh (India). Besides C. crassipes and C. acaulis, Fl. ) also cites C. ) Ali with the note that the species has been cited from Tibet on the basis of available literature.

Bot. 1 (1785) 615; Kom. in Acta Horti Petrop. 29, 2 (1908) 179-399; Pojark. in Fl. SSSR, 11 (1945) 327-368; Sanczir in Tr. Inst. bot. AN MNR, 4 (1980) 106-123; Gorbunova in Novosti sist. vyssh. rast 21 (1984) 92-101. 29 CLASSIFICATION OF SPECIES OF GENUS CARAGANA INHABITING CENTRAL ASIAN TERRITORY Sect. 1. * C. ;2 (35). C. ; 3 (27^. C. ; 4 (30). C. ; 5 (9) C. ; 6 (22). C. korshinskii Kom. Sect. 2. ) Sancz. Ser. Frutescentes Kom. Group A. 7 (28). C. ; 8 (34). C. roseaTurcz. ; 9 (8). C. brevifolia Kom.

However, all specimens which Ali had in view were collected outside Cen. Asian territory. 26 3. C. dshungarica Golosk. in Not. Syst. (Leningrad) 18 (1957) 117; Fl. Kazakhst. Y. Yang in Claves pi. Xinjiang. 3 (1985) 72. : Fl. Kazakhst. 5, Plate 10, fig. 4. Described form East. Kazakhstan (Jung. Ala Tau). Type in Leningrad, isotype in Alma Ata (AA). On talus, rubbly and rocky slopes in low hills. IIA. Junggar: Jung. Y. c). -Tarb. 4. C. grubovii Yakovl. in Novit. Syst. PI. Vase. 16 (1979) 136; Ulzij.

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