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Algebraic geometry has a classy, tough language. This booklet features a definition, numerous references and the statements of the most theorems (without proofs) for each of the most typical phrases during this topic. a few phrases of comparable topics are incorporated. It is helping newbies that be aware of a few, yet now not all, easy proof of algebraic geometry to stick to seminars and to learn papers. The dictionary shape makes it effortless and fast to consult.


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See “Regular rings, smooth points, singular points”. Complexes. Let ???? be a ring. A complex of ????-modules, which is usually written ⋅⋅⋅ ????????−2 G ????????−1 ????????−1 G ???????? ???????? G ????????+1 ????????+1 G ⋅⋅⋅ , is the datum of a sequence of ????-modules ???????? and ????-homomorphisms ???????? : ???????? → ????????+1 such that ????????+1 ∘ ???????? = 0 for any ????. Cone, tangent - | 31 The cohomology of the complex ????∗ above in degree ????, usually denoted by ???????? (????∗ ), is defined as ???????????? (???????? : ???????? → ????????+1 ) ???????? (????∗ ) := .

In particular, if ???? is a bundle on the projective space and ????????(????) = ????, then ????1 (????(????)) = ????1 (????) + ???? ????, where ????(????) = ???? ⊗ ???????? , where ???? is the hyperplane bundle (see “Hyperplane bundles, twisting sheaves”). The definition of Chern classes can be given, more generally, for complex bundles on compact ????∞ manifolds in a way analogous to the definition above (the only difference being in the normalization axiom). We skip it, but we mention other ways to define Chern classes. If ???? is a complex vector bundle on a compact ????∞ -manifold and ∇ is a connection on ???? (see “Connections”), we can define for any ???? ???????? (????) = ???????? (∧???? ( ???? )) , 2???????? where ???? is the curvature of ∇, ???????? is the trace, and ???? is the imaginary unit.

M. algebraic subset of ℙ???????? . We have: ???? is arithmetically Gorenstein ⇔ ????/???? = ???????? (????) for some ???? ⇔ the minimal free resolution of ????/???? is selfdual up to twist by ???? + 1. (4) We say that an equidimensional projective algebraic subset ???? of ℙ???????? of codimension ???? is Gorestein if it is Cohen–Macaulay and its dualizing sheaf, that is EXT ???? (O???? , Oℙ???? )(−???? − 1) (see “Dualizing sheaf”, “????????????, EXT ”) is locally free of rank 1. ???? Remark. Strict complete intersection ⇒ arithmetically Gorenstein ⇒ arithmetically Cohen–Macaulay (the first implication is due to the fact that, if ???? is a strict complete intersection, then its minimal resolution is the Koszul complex).

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