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By Lutz Hasse (auth.), Peter S. Liss, W. George N. Slinn (eds.)

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The scheme shows the cold air nicely fitted below the warm air. This would mean a fairly stable situation. The amount of rain would depend only on the velocity with which the warm air is lifted. More often the cold air advances more rapidly aloft (due to less friction). If cold air arrives above warm air, the situation is unstable and showers and thunder showers are formed. The development of a depression stops when the cold air from the back has reached the cold air in front. The depression is then filled with cold air near the bottom and the warm air is lifted above the cold air.

INTRODUCTORY METEOROLOGY AND FLUID DYNAMICS 29 as on the interaction of the local and mesoscale field with the synoptic field. There appear to be very few genuine mesoscale atmospheric circulations on the open ocean{except convection, see below). Coupling between atmosphere and ocean is weak due to the different time and velocity scales, and therefore mesoscale features of the sea surface do not significantly influence processes in the atmophere. The land-sea transition can influence mesoscale flow in a variety of ways (in addition to the land-sea breeze systems,mentioned above, and perhaps coastal mountain effects).

Hence,it simplifies discussion if we deal with horizontal and vertical transports separately, although de facto horizontal and vertical motions are always coupled. 8. I Vertical transports We have already discussed some processes, which provide vertical upward transports: The mixing by turbulence causes vertical transports if there is a gradient of a certain property. This transport is effective only in the surface layer and the Planetary Boundary Layer. If the source of a property is at the surface, turbulence helps to transfer this property from the surface into the lower troposhere, where other mechanisms may take over.

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