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By Mitsugi Saotome

Here's a special approach to the lessons of the founding father of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, as interpreted by means of his direct scholar of fifteen years. Mitsugi Saotome examines the religious philosophy of the Founder, the warrior beliefs of feudal Japan because the foundation of his martial arts philosophy, and the clinical rules underlying the philosophy of Aikido technique.

The writer indicates that the actual move of Aikido is the embodiment of ideas of the spirit. unfavorable strength isn't countered with aggression yet is managed and redirected in the course of the energy and stability of spiral move. this can be the form of Aikido and the dynamic form on the starting place of all energies of life. Aikido circulate can basically be understood from its roots in common legislations and the tactics of nature. The honest perform and learn of Aikido deepens our appreciation for the perfection of nature's stability and brings us again into concord with our surroundings, people, and ourselves.

Abundantly illustrated with the author's drawings, diagrams, and calligraphies, in addition to images demonstrating Aikido thoughts, the ebook additionally deals a historical past of Aikido, own anecdotes in regards to the Founder, and translations of numerous of his lectures.

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