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By Sidney Reilly

In September 1925, Sidney Reilly journeyed around the Russian frontier on a project to overthrow the Bolsheviks and restoration the Czar. He vanished with out a hint. The conditions surrounding his demise stay a mystery.

This vintage autobiography finds the fascinating adventures and exploits of the fellow largely credited as being the unique twentieth-century super-spy, concept for Ian Fleming's James Bond.

Sidney Reilly, the so-called Ace of Spies, used to be a womanizing British undercover agent who claimed to be Irish yet used to be in truth Russian. provided the army move for his bold operations, he met his demise in Russia in 1925 after a sting operation by way of the Soviet mystery Service.

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Watching that I was not observed I slipped into the house. It might have been a necropolis I entered and my footfall awoke a thousand echoes. I stopped at the well-remembered door and rapped upon it, my knock reverberating strangely through the silent building. I had to knock three times before I heard answering footsteps creeping silently, stealthily, on the other side of the door. After another pause I knocked again and this time the door opened very silently, very slowly, very little upon its hinges.

The streets ran with blood. Of the obscene and ghastly horrors of the Butyrsky, mercifully we can form no estimate. ‘All the Bolsheviks are sadists at heart,’ said to me the last doctor to practise in Moscow. It soon became obvious that Brouevitch intended to be obliging to the point of embarrassment. We were permitted to go nowhere unattended, and, so that we should not be unduly embarrassed, our watchers had instructions to make themselves as inconspicuous as possible. Wherever we went we were followed.

The period of destruction is over,’ said Lenin. ‘The bourgeoisie is extinct, Korniloff is dead, the White Army has crumbled away, Koltchak has been finally repulsed. We must now begin the construction of the socialist state. If we have not the socialist discipline, if we do not construct the socialist state, the capitalists and imperialists of the entire world will fall upon us. ’ ‘You say that the bourgeoisie is extinct,’ cried Gay, the notorious anarchist, ‘you say that the reign of terror can stop and the period of reconstruction begin.

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