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A fire person is active, charming and will like to talk a lot. They will stand out in a group as they have a lot of Yang energy. On the other hand, an earth person likes studying and reading and will be very patient for things. A water person is easy-going and very sociable with lots of friends. A metal person is organised and is good for planning things. They are very loyal and can sometimes be really stubborn. Some people may find that they have the characteristics of more than one element, but usually there will be one dominant element.

When we feel good, then the body will respond accordingly. Without him even realising it, his body started to change to get better. When you see him now, you would never believe that he has had cancer. His face is very shiny and he is very happy and settled. Cancer today is becoming more and more common. There is so much radiation in the environment, from satellites, mobile phones and computers. Our food is no longer natural, with so much of it genetically modified or with the nutritional value reduced through intensive farming.

It is because they are only doing external Qigong, and are failing to practise the philosophy of Qigong. Although their movements may be very beautiful and they may be able to sit or stand in meditation for over two hours, these people have not understood the philosophy of Qigong. It means their heart does not relate to their Qigong, so they cannot attain a very high level. It is a bit like some of the supermodels we see in fashion shows. Most people think they are very beautiful, but I can see that they are not so healthy.

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