Download Achtung! Cthulhu: Zero Point - Heroes of the Sea by Modiphius Entertainment PDF

By Modiphius Entertainment

Wartime roleplaying…
…with tentacles!

Achtung! Cthulhu brings you a wartime name OF CTHULHU roleplaying online game atmosphere packed jam-packed with fiendish Nazis, terrifying historical mysteries, mythical conflict machines, and adequate writhing tentacles to fill ten Reichstags!

Heroes of the ocean is the second one standalone experience complement within the globe-spanning 0 element crusade. Play squaddies, brokers, and resistance opponents within the chaos and carnage of the conflict of Dunkirk, as a sinister conspiracy threatens the lives of the backing out Allied forces!

Inside you will discover every thing you need:
• A standalone sixty three web page multi-episode experience for a number of classes of play!
• New ideas for wartime investigations, together with tanks and Stukas!
• Maps of Europe and the evacuation at Dunkirk
• An “Operational Briefing” and plenty of different appealing handouts!
• 4 pre-generated characters to get you taking part in immediately!

Requires a duplicate of the decision OF CTHULHU sixth variation principles to play.

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The investigators must cover 10-20 miles to Bergues. They may find or commandeer a vehicle which hasn’t yet been wrecked, in which case the journey takes 1 encounter period instead of two. The investigators may also try to take control of a unit of troops (see page 43), although this slows them down. piso e Five: ea ise This episode is the climax of Heroes of the Sea. If the investigators have not managed to thwart the plans of Wassermeister and the Sondergruppe, events now take a catastrophic turn.

To the investigators’ surprise, the doors are flanked by red hangings emblazoned with swastikas, flanked by flaming braziers. The Nazis are here! The Black House is the first Nazi outpost in Maglemosian. Created by the Dreaming skills of Walpurgen and Wassermeister, it is a place for them to meet and research the strange forces of the shadow-realm. The Black House is being used to keep Agent WOTAN captive, and as the base for the Traumstaffel “Dream Guard”. Those entering may make Idea or Dream Lore rolls to realise it has the same appearance and layout as the Harbourmaster’s Office in Nieuport (page 22).

Against small vessels, a u-boat might launch a single torpedo; larger ships will merit progressively more intense attacks. The magnetic detectors in the G7a torpedoes used by German u-boats and Schnellbooten in 1940 have a design flaw which means they have a 30% chance of detonating before they reach the target. Otherwise, the torpedo has its usual attack chance. British Mark VIII torpedoes do not suffer from this flaw. All torpedoes leave a long wake of bubbles which can be spotted during the day on a Spot Hidden roll.

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