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By John G. Reisinger

Abraham's 4 Seeds is a biblical exam of the presuppositions of Covenant Theology and Dispensationalism. Pastor, evangelist, and writer John G. Reisinger demonstrates how an accurate knowing of Abraham's seeds is essential to harmonizing Scripture. He writes:

The following assertion, if safely understood, may also help to solve loads of confusion: The country of Israel was once no longer the 'Body of Christ,' although the physique of Christ is certainly the real 'Israel of God.'

Covenant Theology can't settle for the 1st a part of that assertion and Dispensationalism can't settle for the second one half. the elemental presuppositions of Covenant Theology make it crucial that Israel be the church and be lower than an analogous covenant because the church, and the only factor a Dispensationalist needs to continue is the church's current and destiny contrast from Israel which makes it vital that Israel and the church can by no means be below a similar covenant or inherit a similar benefits. what's necessary to one procedure is anathema to the opposite procedure.

Dispensationalism can't get Israel and the church jointly in any feel no matter what, and Covenant Theology can't get them aside. Dispensationalism can't see that the church is the real Israel of God and the achievement of the guarantees that God made to Abraham and the fathers, and Covenant Theology can't see that the church, because the physique of Christ, didn't, and easily couldn't, exist in truth and adventure until eventually the private creation of the Holy Spirit at the Day of Pentecost. Dispensationalism insists that Israel and the church have completely different grants and destinies (one earthly and the opposite heavenly), and Covenant Theology insists that Israel and the physique of Christ are both the "same redeemed church below a similar 'covenant of grace' and ruled by way of an identical exact 'canon of conduct.'"

Dispensationalism drives a wedge among the OT and the NT and not the twain shall meet as particular promise (OT) and exact achievement (NT); and Covenant Theology flattens the entire Bible out into one covenant the place there isn't any actual and very important contrast among both the outdated and New Covenants or Israel and the church.

The outdated Covenant proved one's guilt and forbade one to attract close to and not using a excellent righteousness or a suitable sacrifice. the hot Covenant pronounces a believer to be either righteous and appropriate in God's sight, and it bids him come boldly with out worry into the very so much Holy position that used to be absolutely closed off to all yet Aaron below the previous Covenant.

The legislations as a felony covenant ended whilst the veil of the temple was once lease from best to backside, and the legislation as a pedagogue over the sense of right and wrong was once brushed off at the day of Pentecost whilst the 'promise of the daddy' took up his home in each believer because the own Vicar of the ascended Lord. The giving of the Spirit is the facts of the accredited paintings of Christ within the heavenly tabernacle, and the 'given Spirit' indwelling the believer is the indelible insurance of our everlasting attractiveness through the daddy.

It is the author's hope that this e-book will be of gain to those that wish to comprehend "What does the Scripture say?" may possibly the watchword Sola Scriptura have actual that means within the church!

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