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She'd known him six months ago for all of half an hour, but during that time, even when she aimed her rifle directly at his head, she'd not seen anything besides confidence and calm control in his eyes. But now, suddenly, she could see panic. Sheer, total panic. It flared for an instant, and then it was gone, and his face and eyes were oddly expressionless. He was afraid of something. Afraid of her, probably. Damn straight he had a reason to be. He'd locked her in the trunk of her car, for Pete's sake.

As she watched, across the room, Silver-hair stood up and made a toast. Another man, a man who had his back to her, stood also and bowed graciously to polite applause. Carrie leaned forward, trying to get a closer look. Something about this man, something about the set of his shoulders – or maybe the way his tuxedo fit those broad shoulders – was oddly familiar. She studied the back of his head, silently willing him to turn around. But he didn't. He sat back down without giving her a chance to see his face.

But it was moving away from her, getting softer and softer until she couldn't hear it anymore. Dammit, where were those police? And still the conversation in Spanish went on. Crew-cut finally exploded, voicing all of Carrie's frustration, letting out a stream of foul language. "I'm feeling left out here," he added. " "Iceman said he wants to see the dolphins now," Carlos said, clearly tongue in cheek. Nose Ring scowled. " "Time to go," Carlos said evenly. " Crew-cut asked, pointing to Carrie with his chin.

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