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By Jared Ledgard

A Laboratory background of Narcotics Vol 1 is a innovative publication that covers the pharmaceutical coaching of amphetamines and amphetamine derivatives. This most up-to-date e-book via Jared Ledgard has reached one other plateau of element, and excellence within the region of laboratory technological know-how. The publication incorporates a large number of pharmaceutical methods, and is by way of a ways one in every of Jared's maximum works. A Laboratory background of Narcotics, vol. 1 will propel you right into a digital labyrinth of psychedelic chemistry. if you happen to imagine you recognize anything approximately amphetamines and derivatives, your incorrect. a must-have e-book for anyone's reference assortment and past. The ebook is a wonderful reference for researchers, scholars, lovers, and simply simple individuals with a interest to grasp. observe TO buyers: This booklet has been renamed from the preparatory handbook of narcotics, to A Laboratory historical past of Narcotics Vol. 1.

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