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By Thomas Patrick Hughes

This can be the single entire Dictionary of Islam to be had in English being a cyclopaedia of the doctrines, rites, ceremonies, and customs including the technical and theological phrases of the Islamic religion.

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Vii. 71, xi. Tadis and Ti'^iii owe their A certain extinction to a different cause. despot, a Tasmito, but sovereign of both tribes. all l)rides of tlie The was invited to an entertainment. Tadisites. not to be tolerated. \ formed. The king and his chiefs insult was tlie were The avengers tlie many romantic tories. had rendered himself detested by a voluptuous law (daiming for hiniself a ])riority of riglit over and for It is not legends they have grafted ujion it. improbable that the ohl giants and idolaters suffered an imaginai-y extinction to make way for a more favoured race, and that Divine chastisements always overtook those who dared to invade their consecrated terri- the wicked, and they were found prostrate on (Qur'an.

E. "' (Sahihn ; ; : "The AL-'ANKABUT {^^^^\). ) xxixth Surah, the APOSTLE. in which there is a passing reference to "The likethis insect in the 40th verse: ness for those who take to themselves guardians besides God is the likeness of the spider — who house houses surely buildeth her a frailest of all : but truly the the hoixse of (;US\). "The Helpers," ; sincerity, Accordinfr to (j\^;^). Muslim law, a male apostate, or Murtadd, is liable to be put to death if he continue obstinate in his error; a female apostate is not subject to capital piinishmcnt.

D. 1777. d. 1810. Francis Johnson's Persian- Arabic-English. D. 1852. and EnglishCatafago's Arabic-English Arabic, new edition, IS7:'>. d. 1803 to 1882. imperfect. Dr. d. 1881. Dr. D. 1882. AL-A'RAF The (1) (^V^^). partition between heaven and hell, described '• Betwixt the two in the Qur'an, Surah vii. ' (but) they have not (yet) entered it, although they so desire. tli tho blessed from the damned by their rospcc; live marks or characteristics: and others say Iho word properly intends anything that is rkvdteiL as such a wall of separation must Some imagine it to bo su])posed to be.

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