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Be raised that the narrative of each individual only gives an opinion (zann), and heaping opinion upon opinion does not bring about certainty, and also that the possibility of each individual's falsehood brings about the possibility of the whole group's falsehood, for same individuals. , of traditions see Guillaumc, The Traditions of Islam, pp. 85 fi. ; S. dc Sacy, in Notices ct cxtraits dcs manuscrits, X (Paris, 1818), 481 ff. 15 The denial by the Muslims of the killing of Jesus rests on the interpretation of a verse in the Qur'an (4:156).

In these sources the prophets appear quite human. There is no trace of sinlessness, nay rather some are guilty of grave sins. It remained for theological speculation out of the Agreement of the to written tradition. earliest, is to far One formulate a doctrine which grew to Muslim peoples, even of the earliest statements be found in the teachings of removed from sins, Abu though it goes contrary on this subject, if not the Hanlfa: "All the Prophets are both small and great, from Unbelief and vile things, although slips and mistakes (tyataya) may happen on their part.

The. number of the sects of the Mu'tazilites is often given as twenty. Al-Baghdadl, al-Farq bayn al-Firaq, The account which al-Mawdqif, p. 335. Different writers, however, make different groupings al-Shahrastani, al-Milal, p. 3) and are not entirely agreed on those who are to be called Mu'tazilites. For example al-Shahrastani finds many Mu'tazilite doctrines among p. 93; al-ljl, (cf. the followers of al-Najjar (al-Milal, p. ), whereas al-Baghdadl (al-Farq bayn al-Firaq, 195) puts him, as does al-Ash'ari (Maqdldt, pp.

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