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By Niki Chesworth

This article offers money-saving principles from a best-selling company writer on tips on how to deal with your funds extra successfully.

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Before taking out a mortgage or a pension, or investing, you should at least ask a professional for advice. It is best to go to an independent financial adviser who can survey a range of products available before recommending the most suitable to meet your needs, rather than one who is tied or employed by a life insurance company. Although this advice may appear to be free, the adviser does earn commission for selling you a product. Find out how much this is. Some fee-based financial advisers rebate the commission they would have earned in exchange for a fee.

But those who bought at the top of the market and then sold when it fell lost substantially. Alternatively, try what is known as ‘pound-costaveraging’. Drip feed money into the market on a monthly basis. When the stockmarket falls you will buy more shares for your money and when it rises you buy less. This averages out the price you pay for shares and eliminates the risk of buying at the wrong time. However, those who invest a lump sum at the right time will still make the bigger profit. The long-term view versus short-term gains As explained above share-based investments are not for short-termists.

By waiting until you are 40 the fund’s value will drop to £98,100 and by delaying until you are 50 it will be worth just £35,700. 41 30 Minutes… To Make Yourself Richer Playing the stockmarket Over the longer term the stockmarket is the best place to invest your cash as returns not only beat inflation (unlike most savings accounts), but also produce substantial growth. If you had deposited £100 in a bank or building society in 1945, today it would be worth £1,000. The same amount invested in the stockmarket could be worth £30,000, if you had reinvested your dividends.

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