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By Edward Baker

A part of a sequence of pocket courses that target to permit the reader to grasp a brand new ability in exactly half-hour, this article includes last-minute tricks and the best way to organize and calm your nerves ahead of a using try.

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Breathe freely as you apply the pressure and think pleasant, calm and relaxing thoughts. Doctor’s orders Many learner drivers consult their doctor for ‘something to get them through the test’. Often disguised as a request for tranquilizers to overcome sleeplessness, this approach to driving is fraught with danger. Aside from the fact that these drugs will slow down vital reaction times, they won’t increase your skill or knowledge. Are you really saying that you can only drive if doped? If you suffer from excessive nerves, nausea or sleeplessness, then step back a bit and ask yourself what’s really going on.

Nerves are normal. Fears and worries are normal. Do not convince yourself that you are useless, incapable or doomed because you experience these emotions. 8. Accept that test failure isn’t a matter of life and death. You can take your test time and time again providing you have the patience and money. Relax and do the best you can. 7. Be prepared physically, mentally and emotionally to sit another test within a short space of time if so required. 6. Make sure that you are physically comfortable.

Do not wear clothes that might make you over-hot or restrict your movement. Visit a toilet before the test. 5. Breathe deeply and slowly. Use your body to control your mind and emotions. 4. Remember that the examiner isn’t there to trick or trap you. He or she will not ask you to do anything that you have not already done many times before. 3. Ensure that the car seat, mirrors, etc, are adjusted to your liking. 2. Remember that you are not a passenger. You will need to make prompt and positive decisions.

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