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There is no simple way of determining beforehand how an individual patient will fare during the course of MS. However, the frequency of attacks (one attack in the first year), good recovery from the attack, a small amount of disease in brain MRI scans, and recovery of a feeling of well-being are good indicators for a better outlook. Treatment has improved the outlook for all MS patients. qxd 12/23/05 1 0 0 Q & A 9:38 AM Page 44 A B O U T M U L T I P L E S C L E R O S I S 35. Is memory affected with MS?

Do viruses cause MS? The onset of an acute demyelinating disease (postinfectious encephalomyelitis) occurs after a number of different infections such as measles and mumps as well as smallpox vaccination. qxd 1 0 0 Q & A 12/22/05 A B O U T 1:23 PM Page 51 M U L T I P L E S C L E R O S I S 40. What does herpes (virus) have to do with MS? The herpes families of viruses are DNA viruses that once inside our bodies persist for the rest of our lives. Although herpes simplex type I (HSV-1) and type II (HSV-2) can live in neurons and seem to be protected by them, there is no evidence that they or another family of herpes viruses (cytomegaloviruses) have any potential role in the causation or reactivation of MS.

Large numbers of neurologists interested in MS in the United States, Canada, and Europe have come to the same conclusions regarding the prognosis of MS: 1. Women with MS do better than men! 2. The onset of MS before the age of 30 is associated with a better prognosis. 3. One attack of MS, only, in the first year of illness predicts less disability. qxd 1 0 0 Q & A 12/23/05 A B O U T 9:38 AM Page 43 M U L T I P L E S C L E R O S I S Diagnosis, Identification, and Prognosis 4. Optic neuritis or retrobulbar neuritis as an initial attack has been recognized as being associated with a good prognosis.

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